Illegal Drug Crimes

Interstate-40 is a major corridor for the trafficking of illegal drugs from the west coast to the east coast. It runs east and west through the following Texas counties: (1) Deaf Smith County; (2) Oldham County; (3) Potter County; (4) Carson County; (5) Gray County; (6) Donley County; and (7) Wheeler County.

The Texas Department of Public Safety utilizes an aggressive drug interdiction program in and around Amarillo to stop the flow of these illegal drugs. Most of the cases I defend begin with a simple traffic stop. A vast majority of these traffic stops occur in the following three counties:

  • Carson County – Panhandle, Texas
  • Oldham County – Vega, Texas
  • Potter County – Amarillo, Texas

If the occupants of the vehicle meet a “drug-courier” profile, law enforcement officers ask for consent to search the vehicle or try to establish probable cause to search the vehicle for contraband. If a search is conducted and illegal drugs are found, criminal charges are filed under the provisions of either the Texas Controlled Substances Act or Titles 18 & 21 of the United States Code.

If you have been charged with an illegal drug crime in Amarillo, or the surrounding area, please give me a call and lets talk.